Pellet/Powder Weighing/Packaging Machine

weighing packager


Pellet & Powder materials, below 30% moisture content, would be weighing & packaging at a certain weight in this machine and automatically sealled or seamed.


Materials would be transmitted into the feed-bin by conveyors & the air cylinder drives the bag clamping device to clamp the packaging bag. The packager would adjust the feeding port automatically in 2 or 3 phase by weighing sensor to reach the set weight, the bag gripper will release automatically and the bag will fall onto the conveyor. The packaging bag is transferred to the seaming machine or sealing machine.

Available Usage:

packing materials

Unique Design:

  • SUS304 materials for all the touch part.
  • Hight Adjustable, packing & Sealing parts can be adjusted to different hight by bolt.
  • Power Off Memory function.
  • Dust tube would be assembled above the packing chamber.
  • 0.2% weighing accuracy.