Bio-mass Combustion Energy Meat & Seafood Dehydrator/DryerBio-mass Combustion Energy Meat & Seafood Dehydrator/Dryer
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Usage: Meat & Seafood dehydrator/dryer uses heat air as drying medium, through the drying process, remove the moisture of the material and get the dried food.

Principle: The heat source create hot air as drying medium, flowing air reduces the water content of fresh materials by heating materials and blowing the steam away.

Function: Meat & seafood dehydrators/dryers are used to preserve and extend the shelf life of various meat & seafood. By removing moisture from meat & seafood, restrain various bacteria while drying and reducing materials weight. 40-3000 Kg produce capacity each batch.

Unique Design:

  • The tray is made of corrosion-resistant strip material, which is convenient for cleaning the residual protein and salt after drying, keeping sanitary and prolonging the use time .
  • With different HEAT SOURCE & INTER FRAME, meat & seafood
  • dehydrator / dryer is divided into Air Energy Dryer, Coal Energy Dryer, Electrical Energy Dryer, Biomass Energy Dryer, Net Pocket Dryer.
  • The key to successful meat & seafood dehydration is the application of a constant temperature and adequate air flow. In case of hardened meat & seafood. Wanhong will offer unique produce line & specific design equipment.