Fruit Drying Produce Line

fruit drying producefruit drying produce

Dried fruit has high nutritional value. Dried fruit is a commodity made of fresh fruit dried by various methods. This boring process will concentrate the sugar, protein, fat and a variety of minerals in the fruit, as well as dietary fiber, some heat resistant antioxidants and vitamin. Nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin B1 will be reduced. Scientific and effective drying equipment can retain nutrients as much as possible while drying aquatic products.

Dried fruit belongs to pure natural food, and sugar, salt, pigment and other additives are not involved in the manufacturing process. In the process of making dried fruit, the loss of vitamin C in fruit is usually large. For example, the content of vitamin C in dried jujube is slightly higher, which can reach 13mg / 100g. However, many dried fruits are rich in vitamin B6. Yellow fruits can retain most of the carotene, such as dried apricots and persimmons. The purple and black dried fruits are also rich in anthologists and phenol, such as dried mulberry, raisin and blueberry. Carotene and anticyclonic are antioxidant substances required by the human body. Due to the decrease of water content, the substances are highly concentrated, especially many sugars have strong anti-corrosion function, and can be retained for a long time at room temperature without erosion.

Common dried fruit processing, such as: strawberry, raisin, yellow peach, mango, plum, red bayberry, apple, banana and kiwi.

fruit drying produce

Equipment includes: bubble cleaning machine, grader, conveying sorting table, de-pit machine, melon peeling machine, slicer, blanching machine, blow dryer, dryer and packaging machine.

Bubble cleaning machine: clean the surface of fruit to remove impurities such as soil, leaves and stones.

Grader: grades fruit according to size.

Conveyor sorting table: carry out manual picking on the continuously running conveyor belt to remove impurities and unqualified fruits.

De-pit: the perforated shaft driven by the air pump and motor removes the fruit core.

Melon Peeler: automatic peel removal equipment.

Slicer: the slicing thickness is uniform, and the slicing thickness can be adjusted as needed.

Blanching machine: rinse and protect the cut fruit slices to prevent browning after slicing, deepen the fruit color and reduce the loss of effective components in the drying process.

Blow dryer: effectively remove the water on the surface of rinsed fruits, greatly shorten the drying cycle, suitable for assembly line operation, and improve the automation of aquatic products in enterprises.

Dryer: use hot air to heat and dry materials to reduce the water content of fruits.

Grinder: grind the dried fruit after drying.

Packaging machine: package and store dried fruit or powder after drying.

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