Cassava Powder Making Line/Cassava Starch/Garri

cassava plant & slicecassava white powder & yellow powder

Material characteristics: initial moisture: 65-70%, final moisture: ≤ 18%, shape: δ As one of the three major potato varieties in the world, 5mm flaky cassava is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas.

In the africa, asia & south america, cassava is the fifth largest crop after rice, sweet potato, sugarcane and corn. It plays an important role in crop layout, feed production and industrial application. It has become the main processing starch and feed crop widely planted.

Cassava starch can be used to produce alcohol, fructose, glucose, maltose, monosodium glutamate, beer, bread, biscuits, shrimp slices, vermicelli, sauce, plastic fiber, plastic film, resin, coating, adhesive and other chemical products.

So, dried cassava slice, cassava powder, cassava plantain, cassava powder are affairs matter life. We are to make it easier and better.

cassava slice dry linecassava slice dry line

The equipment includes: roll peeling machine, picking conveyor, cassava slicer, blanching machine, blow dryer, continuous dryer, grinder, screening machine and packaging machine.

Roll Peeling machine: used for cleaning and removing skin. It adopts the special design of spiral feeding structure to realize full-automatic operation.

Cassava slicer: the thickness of cassava slices is uniform, and the slice thickness can be adjusted as needed.

Blanching machine: rinse and protect the cut ginger slices to prevent browning after slicing, deepen the color of cassava and reduce the loss of effective components in the drying process.

Blow dryer: effectively remove the water on the surface of cassava after rinsing, greatly shorten the drying cycle, suitable for assembly line operation, and improve the production automation of the enterprise.

Continuous dryer: multi-layer mobile stainless steel mesh belt is adopted to automatically feed and discharge, saving a lot of labor cost. The heat is continuously reused. The final exhaust temperature is about 40 ℃, which is close to the natural wind temperature, and the heat utilization rate is very high. The drying cost is reduced. It is estimated that the coal consumption per ton of wet cassava is 90kg or the power consumption is 25kwh.

Grinder: crush the dried cassava chips with fineness ranging from 10 to 120 mesh.

Screening machine: screen the crushed cassava and re crush the cassava that does not reach the target fineness.

Packaging machine: package and store the ground cassava powder.

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