Project Description

Weighing Packing Machine

Weigh Pack Machine 01 Weigh Pack Machine 01
Weigh Pack Machine 02 Weigh Pack Machine 02
Weigh Pack Machine 03 Weigh Pack Machine 03


In compound fertilizer, mixed fertilizer, organic fertilizer granule, urea, rubber granule, plastic granule, biomass granule, feed, compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, grain, seed, chemical industry, etc.


The packaging machine adopts advanced weighing sensor, special weighing control terminal of packaging scale and programmable controller technology to realize all actions in the process of automatic quantitative packaging of materials. It has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, strong environmental adaptability and good system reliability.

Model List & Parameter

Weigh Packing WH-PK-P40 50-100bags/min


0.2kw 25kg 520*380*1000mm
Pouch Weight & fill & sealer WH-PK-P41 70-140bags/min


0.35kw 60kg 400*360*1500mm
Large Weigh Packing WH-PK-P42 5bags/min


1.31kw 350kg 3000*850*1900mm

Key Components

  • Pneumatic components

  • Electric control

  • Reducer

  • Motor

  • Weight sensor

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