Project Description

Slice Machine

Slice Machine 01 Slice Machine 01
Slice Machine 02 Slice Machine 02
Slice Machine 03 Slice Machine 03
Slice Machine 04 Slice Machine 04
Slice Machine 05 Slice Machine 05
Slice Machine 06 Slice Machine 06
Slice Machine 07 Slice Machine 07
Slice Machine 08 Slice Machine 08


This machine is easy to operate. All you need to do is placing materials on the conveyor belt and turning on the machine. This machine simulates manual vegetable cutting and is developed by advanced technologies such as “stepless speed regulating” and “centrifugal slicing device” (with the centrifugal drum). The cut vegetables are not damaged and high in freshness, which retains the original flavor and nutrition to the greatest extent.


Multifunctional vegetable cutting machine are widely used for cutting and processing various roots, stems, leafy vegetables, kelp and bean products, such as cucumbers, radishes, bananas, etc. By changing different cutters, you can cut root vegetables into slices, shreds, cubes, rhombus, can also cut slender vegetables (celery, beans, etc.) into segments, and cut leafy vegetables into shreds. Thus the machine can be used to process various fruit and vegetable products like salads, chips, french fries, freeze-dried fruits, candied fruits, etc.

Model List & Parameter

Function Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
Slice SL-S01 Manual 0 5kg 360*360*400mm
Slice & shred SL-S02 400kg/h 1.1kw 42kg 340*410*650mm
slice & shred & cut & mince SL-S03 220kg/h 2.2kw 58kg 360*450*820mm
Slice & shred & cut SL-S04 300-600kg/h 1.5kw 85kg 960*660*1250mm
Slice & shred & cut SL-S05 600-800kg/h 1.75kw 65kg 760*550*930mm
Slice & shred & cut SL-S06 1000kg/h 1.9kw 135kg 1200*600*1370mm
Slice SL-S07 300-400kg/h 0.75KW 140KG 600*700*1000mm
Slice & shred SL-S08 600kg/h 1.5kw 80kg 860*780*910mm
Slice SL-S09 70-150kg/h 1kw 16.6kg 330*330*500mm

Key Components

  • Feed Inlet Port

  • Sliceing Blade

  • Outlet Port

  • Control Panel

  • Motor

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