Project Description

Stitch Seal/Seam Machine

05Seam Pack Machine 01 05Seam Pack Machine 01


Suitable for sealing aluminum foil bags, plastic bags and composite bags in medicine, pesticide, food, chemical products, oil and other industries. Can be horizontal, vertical and other forms of packaging and sealing.

Seal Intro

The continuous automatic thermoplastic sealing machine adopts electronic constant temperature control and automatic conveying device, which can control various plastic film bags of different shapes and can be used in various packaging lines with unlimited sealing length.

Model List & Parameter

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
ST-S10 12meter/min 500W 18kg 800*400*300mm
ST-S20 30bags/min 0.65kw 80kg 2500*1500*980mm
ST-S21 Manual Seam 0.15kw 5kg 300*250*300mm

Key Components

  • Conveying Belt

  • Sealing Part

  • Press Part

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