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Roll Peeling Machine

Roll Peeling MachineComponent of Roll Peeling Machine


This machine uses attrition roller to peel off the deeper skin of fruits & vegetables, the peeled material’s surface is very smooth. While peeling the fruit or vegetable, there is high pressure water cleaning them at the same time, washed by the high pressure water, the dust attached on the surface of materials can be cleaned thoroughly, and the skin will be peeled by the rollers’ attrition.


This machine is suitable for washing root vegetables like ginger, potato, carrot, taro, sweet potato, onion, lotus roots, and fruits like apple, pear etc. Suitable for those kitchens of school, restaurant, big factory, food processing factory, supermarket, etc. It can be connected to the next processing step like cutting, drying or packing in a whole processing line. The machine size can be made larger according to clients’ needs.

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
RC-R01 150-250KG/H 1.1KW 120KG 800*600*700mm
RC-R02 250-400KG/H 0.75KW 180KG 900*700*1000mm
RC-R03 400-650KG/H 1.1KW 230KG 1200*700*1000mm
RC-R04 650-750KG/H 1.5KW 280KG 1800*700*1000mm
RC-R05 750-900KG/H 1.5KW 250KG 1500*800*900mm
RC-R06 900-1200KG/H 3.0KW 280KG 2000*800*1100mm
RC-R07 1200-1500KG/H 1.5KW 250KG 2500*900*1200mm
RC-R08 2-4Ton/H 4.55KW 580KG 2900*900*1400mm

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