Project Description

Continuous operating Mesh Belt Drying Room

Brief Intro

Mesh Belt Drying Room is composed of chain conveyor and high temperature resistant tunnel, which can be widely used in various industries, especially for drying flaky, strip and granular materials with good air permeability.


The mesh belt dryer evenly paves the materials on the mesh belt, and the driving device drives the mesh belt to move back and forth in the dryer. The heated air passes through the materials, and the water vapor is discharged from the drainage hole to reduce the water content of the materials, so as to achieve the drying purpose.

 Structural features: 

  • By controlling the speed and residence time of the mesh belt, the drying environment of the materials is controlled, so as to achieve the drying purpose.
  • Equipped with special mesh belt cleaning, feeding and cooling components.
  • Equipped with scientific circulation device to make the hot air evenly distributed and ensure the drying effect.
  • Node drying process, high efficiency of heat source and equipment, high energy saving.
  • It could use different heat sources, such as heat pump, steam, electricity, hot blast stove, etc.

Key Component: 

  • Mesh Belt Drying Room is composed of mesh belt, transmission device, air inlet pipe, air outlet pipe, fan and cooling parts.
  • The mesh belt adopts 12-60 mesh steel wire mesh belt, and the box length and drying layer can be adjusted according to the production site. The common ones are three layers, five layers, 6-40m in length and 0.6-3.0m in width.

Heat source:

It can use many kinds of heat sources, such as steam, electricity, hot blast stove, etc.


Economic produce, high production, Environment friendly.

Mesh Belt Drying Machine Specification(1)

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