Project Description

Melon Peel Machine

melon peel machinemelon peel machine


Peeling the skin of pineapple, pumpkin, pawpaw, breadfruit, cucumber, dew melon, wax gourd/ white gourd, and coconut. Its peeling thickness is adjustable and convenient. The peelerer can peel upwards and downwards circularly. High efficiency, it can peel about 90% melon skins.

Function & Application:

The small fruit peeling machine mainly processes small fruits such as apples, mangos, citrus, pears, apples, taro, kiwi, etc. The peeling height can be adjusted automatically. After the latest improvement of the machine, mangoes can be pitted at the same time, and the peeling height can reach 15cm.

The big fruit peeling machine mainly processes big fruits such as grapefruit, pumpkin, big taro, pineapple, jackfruit, winter melon, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. The peeling height can be adjusted automatically.

Available Melon Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
Multiple PL-P01 100-120pcs/h 0.8kw 200kg 700*800*1800mm
Apple, etc. PL-P02 350-500pcs/h 0.18kw 40kg 660*280*410mm
Coconut PL-P03 50-100pcs/h 0.8kw 50kg 300*420*880mm
Potato, etc. PL-P04 300-500kg/h 1.5kw 66kg 750*550*950mm
Pump, etc. PL-P05 500pcs/h 1.7kw 200kg 1100*700*1750mm
Multiple PL-P06 Manual 0.37kw 30kg 620*510*840mm

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