Project Description

Vacuum Packaging

Weigh Pack Machine 01 Weigh Pack Machine 01
Weigh Pack Machine 02 Weigh Pack Machine 02
Weigh Pack Machine 03 Weigh Pack Machine 03
Weigh Pack Machine 06 Weigh Pack Machine 06
Weigh Pack Machine 07 Weigh Pack Machine 07
Weigh Pack Machine 08 Weigh Pack Machine 08


The whole machine is mainly made of stainless steel 304.

Hanging type hopper, easy to remove and wash without tools.

Servo motor control, optoelectronic switch control, packaging containers unlimited (bags, cans, bottles can be).

Can be equipped with feeding machine automatically control material level, more convenient to use, at the same time reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency.


Suitable for food, medicine, biology, chemical industry and so on. Such as dry powder, coffee powder, veterinary drugs, powder granular additives, sugar, glucose, monosodium glutamate, solid drinks, solid medicine, carbon powder, powder, pesticides, dyes, flavors, etc.

Model List & Parameter

Function Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
Vacuum Packager PK-P01 Manual-s 0.1kw 3kg 350*140*60mm
Vacuum Packager PK-P02 Manual-m 0.72kw 50kg 460*500*700mm
Vacuum Packager PK-P03 Manual-l 3kw 500kg 1500*900*800mm
Weight & filler PK-P04 50-100bags/h 0.2kw 25kg 520*380*1000mm
Weight & filler PK-P05 60-120bags/h 0.5kw 45kg 570*550*1550mm
Weight & fill & sealer PK-P06 70-140bags/h 0.35kw 60kg 400*360*1500mm
Weight & fill & sealer PK-P07 3000-4000bags/h 1.8kw 200kg 810*1000*1800mm
packager PK-P08 2500-10000bags/h 2.4kw 500kg 4000*700*1500mm
DRIED CHIP Weight & filler PK-P09 30-50bags/h 1.2kw 350kg 2860*755*1540mm
Bottle Fill & Packager PK-P10 4 bottle/min 1.5kw 450kg 1200*1300*2300mm
Weight & filler PK-P11 5-60bags/min 2.5kw 1200kg 1300*1000*2200mm

Key Components

  • SUS 304 Mateials Body

  • Control Panel

  • Intelligent weighing system

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