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Food Truck With Market Food Truck With Market
Food Truck With Market Food Truck With Market

Food Truck

In 4 Days Only We Build A Mobile Truck  Shop.

2 Days for the Truck or Trailer Basement, 1 Day for the Interior, 1 Day for the Test.

  • Designed for Community Range Business: Sinoluck Food Truck is designed to provide the most & best mobile shop to run a community range business.
  • Multiple Usage: With more than 30 models can be used for over 118 business aim.
  • Modular Design: Patent Food Truck Design System, SULIB, could clearly & vividly design the food truck and relative interior piece by piece, inch to inch.
  • Modular Manufacture: Use 2 factory warehouses and 5 produce line, over 20 experienced workers can make a regular truck in 4 days from scratch.
  • Works with Most Handheld Devices: The whole design of the food truck keeps update with the latest machines & tools ensuring the one you get is the trendy and fashion.
  • What You Get: Sinoluck Machine & Tools, welcome guide, our worry-free 1218-month warranty, and friendly customer service (cable not included).
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Food Truck With Market


Below are the regular models suitable for multiple usage and long term delivery. Customised is warm welcomed, feel free to say your ideas on this food truck.

Dimension 3500*2150*2200mm Working Size 2500*2100mm
Gross Weight 580kg Loading Limits 180kg
Land Area 7.52sqm Working Area 4.05sqm
Surface Material GRP/FRP/SUS Work Staff 1-3
Power 2.5kw Battery 4*12v
Mileage 20-50kmkm High Speed 20-50km/hr
  • Customized Part-Shape, Color, Panel Materials. Tools & Equipment.
  • Market Tools-Awning, Light Box, Light Belt, Luminous Words, Light Signs, Market Flags, Posters, Tapestries, etc.
  • Electric & Light System-Wires, water pipes, fans, air conditioners, lights, generators. Cabinet, gas stove, steamer, fryer, grill, ice cream machine, fruit juice, milk tea machine, refrigerator, freezer.

model number: LMLEV-1

Brand: Sinoluck

sinoluck food trucksinoluck food trucksinoluck food truck

Customised & Standard Electric Fast Food Truck

  • Mobile Food Truck for Community Range Business

Portable Electric Truck or Van, Equipped with Various Cook Tools to Offer Fast Food Cooking in Community Range. From Basement to Cab, the Truck can be Customised by Different Standard and Materials. With Multiple Requests, the Cook Tools would be Assembled by Certain Aim.

The Freedom to run the business at Anywhere.

  • Choose where to run the business

With Mobile, Stationary Available, Sinoluck Food Truck Offers Unprecedented Choice over how You Run the Business.

  • High-Speed Charging & Long Term Battery

The Battery in the Sinoluck Food Truck can be charged in 4 hours at fast charging station, 10 hours at home use charging station. Each battery can be charged and discharged over 350 times. Even everyday you run over 40km to run the business, the factory tested one can be used over 1 year with few battery loss.

  • Universal Compatibility

Modular Design & Manufactur System ensures the Sinoluck Food Truck Equipping with compatible devices on cooking or business.


With years manufacturing & assembling on trailer & truck, Sinoluck patent a design system & manufacturing system. Make understand easier. Make produce faster. Make quality better.

  • 4 Days Lead Time

As a manufacturer on Food Truck. From Basement to a Functional Food Truck, Sinoluck needs 4 days. Regularlly 2 days on the truck body, 2 days in the interrior & test.

  • Modular Design System

Sinoluck uses patent system, SULIB, to design the food trucks and trailors, from the basement layers materials to electric wire design. Click to know more about SULIB system.

  • Modular Manufacture Produce

Sinoluck owns 2 branches, Lucky Machine & Wanhong Machine.

Lucky Machine is to manufacture the truck and trailors. From Basement to Cab, Lucky Machines can build a food truck or trailer in 2 days. Lucky Machine produces all the componts except the chassis. Getting it ready to carry Sinoluck takes a lot of customizing. Now Lucky Machine use 3 types of chassis to build more than 30 models of trucks & trailors.

Wanhong Machine is to manufacturing the food operating machines. From Cooking tools, to large scale food operating equipment. Cook Tools like, Baker, Roaster, Fryer, Steam, etc. Large Scale operating equipment like, Bubble Cleaner, Hot Air Dryer, Grinder & Packager.

  • Electric & Light System Customised

All the electric wire & light system would be build inside Aluminum tubing embedded into the walls. Very rare wire would be shown in the surface.

  • Full Time Tech Service

Sinoluck offers full time tech service, pre-sale, on sale & after-sale.

  • In the Pre-sale, Sinoluck would offer the most suitable suggestions and together with SLT or 3D Drawing file to ensure all the produce and assembly are following your aim.
  • On Sale, Sinoluck would update all the produce condition & delivery situation with a on-time ERP management. You could totally get what is happening to your food truck.
  • After-sale, Sinoluck would offer 12-18 months warranty on the whole equipment. & Lifelong Tech guidance.
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Your requests & responds are always most imporant to us. 

Our duty is to realize your ideas on this portable Food TruckTrailer Business.