Project Description

Powerful Electrical Energy Meat & Seafood Dryer

Brief Intro

Meat & Seafood dehydrator/dryer uses heat air as drying medium, through the drying process, remove the moisture of the material and get the dried food.


Meat & seafood dehydrators/dryers are used to preserve and extend the shelf life of various meat & seafood. By removing moisture from meat & seafood, restrain various bacteria while drying and reducing materials weight. 40-3000 Kg produce capacity each batch.

 Structural features: 

Annular hot air channel – Equipped with good air circulation in the drying room and avoid damage/pollution to drying materials or drying equipment caused by “spiral wind” and “high temperature angle” in the drying room.

Scientific internal structure and room frame – By arranging the materials laying method, make the material baking more uniform and forming the product rapidly. Good frame structure will ensure better drying effect.

Suitable & safe energy – Stable heating supplies adequate hot air into drying room. In 20 minutes drying room could reach drying standard temperature. Automatic control of temperature and humidity ensures good drying effect and stable efficiency.

Smart solving program – Power-off memory and self-checking “dido” alert could ensure the safety of producing & operators, also stability of drying equipment & working field.

Key Function: 

The key to successful Meat & Seafood dehydrating is the application of constant unique temperature and adequate air flow.

The circulating fan will blow the hot air into the right air channel to enter the material room to dry the Meat & Seafood. Then heating recovery system encircles hot air through dehumidification system and blows hot air back to material room again.

Key Component: 

Material room: Fresh materials are placed in tray structure or shelves. Scientific air circulating assembled in this room.

Heating room: The combustion heating equipment and fans are installed here; the boiler creates hot air and the fan bring hot air to the material room.

Insulating panels: 10 cm thickness Polyurethane insulation layer or ROXUL is arranged as room frame board covered with steel sheet and baffle panel between heating room and material room uses 5 cm layer.

Ventilation and dehumidification equipment:

Ventilation equipment promote the circulation of air between the heating room and the material room, Dehumidification equipment reduce the moisture content in the air to ensure the drying environment meets the production requirements. The ventilation and dehumidification equipment would be adjusted by different fresh material, working surrounding and drying period.

Temperature and humidity control element: Detect, display and temperature & humidity indicators of the drying room realize the automatic control of temperature and humidity.

Heat source:

Use electrical heater to generate heat energy and heat air.


Economic produce, widly used electrical energy, Environment friendly.

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