Project Description

Double Tank Vacuum Packager

Double Tank Vacuum PackagerDouble Tank Vacuum Packager


Vacuum Packager is suitable for vacuum packaging of all kinds of food industry, sauce products, preserved fruits, bean products, condiments, seafood, frozen products, meat products, medicinal materials and other commodities. It can effectively inhibit the propagation of bacteria and other microorganisms, avoid oxidation, mildew and corruption, and extend the storage or preservation period of products.

Key Components:

1. Vacuum Pump, 2. Vacuum Seal; 3. Motor, 4. Connect Shaft.

Equipment Type Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
Handy WH-PK-P10 Manual 0.1kw 1kg 360*130*65mm
Single Side Auto WH-PK-P20 2-5bat/m 0.8kw 85kg 630*560*1000mm
Double Side Auto WH-PK-P30 3-8bat/m 0.8kw 190kg 1000*620*1000mm


Press the switch to complete the whole process of vacuum pumping, air filling (optional), sealing, printing, cooling and exhaust according to the set procedure. After vacuum packaging or inflation, the products can be protected from oxidation, mildew, insects and damp, so as to extend the storage life of the products

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