Project Description

Conveying Blanch/Auto Blanch

Conveying BlanchComponents of Conveying Blanch


Blanching machine is characterized by a certain cooking temperature and cooking time under the processing of materials.

Cooking time settings guarantee the use of a variety of cooking material, food grade 304 stainless steel exterior, easy to clean, completely match national food hygiene standard gauge use, widey used in industrial produce, temperature adjustable, suitable for the filming for the blanching effect of variousl kinds of fruit and vegetable products.


Continuous Blanch, the belt type steam blanching machine collects the heat & cool in one body, matches unique superheated steam generator, no need the boiler equipment. No pressure operating. The characteristics of fast killing green, inhibiting enzyme and protecting color, dehydrating and cooling in time, and making fruits and vegetables keep their original natural color.

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
BL-B01 300kg/h 30kw 300kg 2000*1000*1400mm
BL-B02 500kg/h 60kw 380kg 3000*1000*1400mm
BL-B03 1000kg/h 100kw 460kg 4000*1000*1400mm
BL-B04 1500kg/h 120kw 520kg 5000*1000*1400mm
BL-B05 2000kg/h 140kw 640kg 6000*1000*1400mm
BL-B06 2500kg/h 160kw 750kg 7000*1000*1400mm
BL-B07 MANUAL 0 180kg 700*700*900mm

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