Project Description

Continuous Type Drying Machine

Continuous Drying EquipmentContinuous Drying Equipment


  • The continuous dryer evenly paves the materials to be dried on the mesh belt.
  • The heated air passes through the materials, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.
  • Large scale drying request would adapt a continuous dryer line, each dryer would be settled at different temperature.
Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
BPSC-623 1ton/day 20kw 4000kg 6000*2200*2200mm
BPSC-723 3ton/day 20kw 5150kg 6800*2200*2200mm
BPSC-923 6ton/day 25kw 7100kg 9000*2200*2200mm
BPSC-C26 10ton/day 32kw 9500kg 1800*2200*2200mm

Key Components

  • Mesh Belt Drying Room is composed of mesh belt, transmission device, air inlet pipe, air outlet pipe, fan and cooling parts.
  • The mesh belt adopts 12-60 mesh steel wire mesh belt, and the box length and drying layer can be adjusted according to the production site. The common ones are threeto six¬†layers, 6-40m in length and 0.6-3.0m in width.
  • Considering the transportation Feasibility & Cost control for oversea shipping, Wanhong suggests the regular models with 12 meter length, 2 meter width & 2 meter height.

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