Project Description

Manual Fry Machine/Auto Fry Machine/Continuous Fry Machine

Convey Fry Machine 01 Convey Fry Machine 01
Convey Fry Machine 02 Convey Fry Machine 02


Widely used as Leisure fast food equipment, tea restaurant equipment, bakery equipment, cake room equipment, drink shop equipment.


Fry Machine is made of stainless steel and can be produced by oil-water mixture or pure oil. The heating mode can be electric heating or steam heating. Double layer mesh belt is adopted to ensure uniform frying effect. The production time can be controlled in 15 seconds to 15 minutes by using frequency control. Digital temperature control technology is adopted, the temperature difference is within 2 ℃ and the maximum is 300 ℃. It is equipped with high temperature automatic power-off function.

Model List & Parameter

Equipment Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
Handy Manual WH-FR-F10 Manual 7.5KW 26kg 100*800*500mm
Auto Discharge WH-FR-F20 30-200kg/batch 3.5-55kw 250-800kg 2100-3000mm
Continuous WH-FR-F30 Large Fry Request Customes 800-3000kg Customes

Key Components

  • Frying pan

  • placing tank

  • heat preservation area

  • shell

  • heating pipe

  • electric control box

  • filtering system

  • mixing system